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ESXi Update problem 7.0 to 7.0U1 missing bootbank

 After some unsuccesful tries to update 7.0 to U1 i created a case with VMware to show them that i get a totally useless ESXi installation after the update to U1 17119627. The Case took a while but finally there is a workaround out for my specific case, actually i´m not thinking to be that specific as I'm just running ProLiant Gen10 and vSAN in a 10 Node cluster. The problem seems beeing with the software FCoE that i´m not using so it´s easy to just remove it from the configstore prior the update: configstorecli config current delete -c esx -g storage_fcoe -k fcoe_activation_nic_policies --all reboot (important)  update to 7.0U1 as usual There should be a patch out soon that hopefully will address this but meanwhile you can try it this way. cheers! -Update 7.0.1c is fixing this issue so you can easily update now.