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vCenter update stuck "Data conversion/Post install hook failed" and how I fixed it

 I was updating a vCenter instance from 7.0 to 7.0.1a but got this error message but everything else seems to work fine.  I just cleared the install state using this procedure  and was able to use VAMI again. Oddly after clearing the update status VAMI was showing the old build number whereas the vSphere Client shows the new one.  After some days there was 7.0.1b released and I tried this again but was stuck again at that point. Just yesterday I tried it again with 7.0.1c but the "Stage" and "Stage and Install" buttons were grayed out. So I digged a little and prepared the VCSA, after that the buttons got clickable again: Backup your appliance first! root@vcsa [ /storage/core/software-update ]# mv install_operation install_operation.bak root@vcsa [ /storage/core/software-update ]# mv stage_install_operation stage_install_operation.bak root@vcsa [ /storage/core/software-update ]# mv stage_operation stage_operation.bak root@vcsa [ /storage/core/software-update/updates