NetApp OnTap update for MetroCluster IP

These days i´m working on upgrading a 9.6 MetroCluster to 9.7. It is my first time doing a minor upgrade to a full production MetroCluster  so I´m extra curios about doing things right. This is my notebook because I had a hard time finding all necessary stuff, so this may be hopefully helpful for others.

Download Cisco Switch Firmware
Downloading will be done from Cisco directly and requires an active support contract and that´s somehow “interesting” when bought with your storage
Reference Configuration Files (RCF)
Starting with 9.6 there is a Java Tool that will generate RCF for your environment

If you are upgrading ONTAP, the switch firmware, and the RCF file, then you must perform the upgrades in the following order:

  1. Download and install the switch firmware
  2. Reset the switch to factory defaults
  3. Apply the correct RCF file
  4. Upgrade ONTAP
This was the official documentation that will be updated soon because it´s not really the truth.
Updating the Firmware does not require updating the config as long it´s not otherwise mentioned (whatever that means)
I tried updating from 7. to 9. NX OS and hit this bug so you would need to disable image verification.
That said, you should take extra care of your switches when looking at upgrading MC IP.
IMHO this is not very user friendly as all that equipment was shipped and ordered from NetApp and we are all talking about simplifying thing´s but hey, this is how it is.

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