Using HPE Nimble witness in a docker container

When we started to deploy our second HPE Nimble “Automatic Switchover” pair I decided to change deployment mode for the witness to a docker based deployment because there can only run a single instance per VM and I don´t want to have unnecessary lazy VMs sitting around.

Be aware there is not official support for this! I tested this type of deployment twice and it worked fine for me.

Find the needed files in my Github repository


Witness binary is updated every once and then so please make sure you are using the right dockerfile and download the right binary for your array version.


  1. download needed binary via
  2. place it in the same directory as the Dockerfile
  3. change password in Dockerfile
  4. run docker build -t nimble/witnessd .


  • make sure you have docker-compose setup
  • use docker-compose up -d to start the container
  • if needed adjust the exposed port in the composefile so you can run multiple instances on one machine

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