Brocade FOS Dynamic Portnames

As i´m playing around with new Brocade SAN Switches i wanted to clean up a little bit and one thing that i found very useful are dynamic portnames.

This feature will change the portname of the switchport according to the connected device.

To enable it run configure and enable Dynamic Portnames, this can be done online:

You then can change the behaviour on how the ports will be named by changing the “formatstring” or live with the default <switch name>.<port type>.<port index>.<alias name>

With FOS 8 you can change this now and select the following parameter e.g. 

portname -d "S.T.I.F.A.R"

you will get the explanation by running portname -d -help

For ports that already have a name you have to run portname -i 0-32 -n "" this will then set the dynamic portname.

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